Knitting in autumn with wool & instruction

Knitting boxes for autumn

The mornings feel cooler again. I go to the garden with my kitten every day. The grass is wet and you need a knit cardigan already. I like the cooler mornings. The air feels fresher and nature is getting closer. Here you can see my Lissy, a cute BKH cat.

I love my cat Lissy

The time comes when everybody stay more at home again - and I very much hope not forced by Corona, but simply because you make yourself comfortable at home more often on the cooler days.

Knitting instructions & wool

Time to get creative and knit again. For this I have created many knitting boxes and offer them here in my shop. Cardigans and sweaters for leisure are created by KATIA, models for the bridal outfit are from Beemohr.

Here you can see the latest models from Katia:

Sofadecke aus Love Wool von Katia stricken Strickpullover in grau mit LoveWool von Katia stricken Strickmantel im Ingenious big von katia stricken

A sofa blanket knitted in a pearl light gray with soft natural Love Wool by Katia. The Love Wool is brand new in my shop. I choose this wool as it's natural and soft. You can knit cool sweaters and home accessories from it. I also offer super big knitting needles to match. So you can start knitting straight away.

The knitted coat in cream is just a great highlight, so you are perfectly dressed in autumn. The coat is knitted from Ingenious Big. I offer muted and rather bright colors in this quality. You could knit this coat as a christmas present or for yourself. Both are great fun.

Here you can see knitting ideas for bridal jackets & sweaters

Leichter Strickpullover für die Hochzeit aus Mohair Silber und Gold Jacke zum Selber Stricken für Bräute Brautloop zum Selberstricken mit weicher Wolle 

Some future brides like a DIY wedding. Something homemade comes in handy. Whether bolero, sweater or loop, I have created a variety of knitting instructions with which a bridal accessory can be easily knitted. Mum, mum-in-law or sister might like to knit your wedding jacket as well.

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