Pictures of brides on their wedding day

Here are some pictures of Brides with a bridal jacket worn by Beemohr to their wedding. Let yourself be carried away by the Real Brides to inspire for their own wedding.

Karen got married in July 2021 with the bridal jacket HELENA

For your Wedding she ordered this jacket with 3/4 sleeves. The jacket is knitted from a mix of baby alpaca, silk and merino - a soft wool that is very pleasant to the skin.

Karen gave me these lines after hers Wedding wrote, which I was very happy about:

  • "II wanted to go all over again for the great Jacket thank you for my wedding. Thank you for the job well done. In the photo you can see not only how beautiful it is, but also that I would have been quite frozen without it. "

Real Bride with a Beemohr cardigan

Wedding in Holland with the bridal jacket Sandrine
Martijn and Liesbeth got married in September 2019 and sent me this beautiful picture.
Wonderful jacket, I wore it with love. Thank you so much. Thank you for the beautiful bridal jackets. It matches perfect with my WEDDING dress. I will wear it next week on our weddingsday. Thank you so much for the clear communication and service.  

Wedding in Holland with a Beemohr cardigan

Image: Maria van der Valk photography

Christiane got married with the bridal jacket Helena in dusky pink knitted from cashmere
Christiane got married in March 2018 and the model Helena worn in dusky pink.
Dear Mrs. Mohr,
we had a wonderful wedding here in Bückeburg in Lower Saxony on March 24, 2018. The weather was sunny, but cool and the bridal bolero from you warmed me wonderfully during the photo shoot and during the church service. It was a perfect fit and was admired by many. I am finally sending you pictures from our wedding, on which the bridal jacket can be seen. The color was perfect and can now be worn on other occasions afterwards. Thanks very much!
Unfortunately I'm not on Facebook, but I wrote you a review on your page. Of course 5 stars!
Greetings from Christiane
Cashmere bridal bolero Bridal jacket knitted in dusky pink Cashmere bolero jacket for weddings
Lydia and Patrick get married in Iceland with the bride's jacket, Fee
warming and cozy on December 29.12.2016th, XNUMX. The two of them spent their honeymoon where they got married: in Iceland, I love these beautiful photos. I really feel like traveling to Iceland.       
Bride - jacket warms in Ilsand Warm winter bolero for weddings Wedding abroad: Iceland a bridal jacket keeps you nice and warm
Juliane got married in the summer with the cardigan FIONA
... on August 04.08.2017th, XNUMX with this beautiful one cashmere Knit bolero in dusky pink for the brideBolero Jacket in dusky pink, double-threaded with a decorative hem and short sleeves ... FIONA

A jacket can also be a cozy and warming bridal accessory in summer. Cashmere is particularly soft, we knitted this model with two threads.

... such a beautiful bride :-)


We won't let you freeze at your wedding!


Frauke got married 
with a bolero in light blue: LILLY

.. in June 2017, the weather was unfortunately not that sunny, read what she wrote to me: "Hello dear Sabine, what a celebration! It was unbelievably great! Here are some pictures, you can see I urgently needed it At first it was quite fresh - especially in the open transport to church; -O Your Frauke
Get married with a light blue mohair boleroGet married warm and cozy, despite the rain with a knitted bolero

Sue got married to the bride's cardigan fairy with 3/4 sleeves

A cuddly soft bridal jacket is also very welcome in Holland, fairy with 3/4 sleeves in ivory. Made for this bride, I like the look. I love this picture, it exudes familiarity and joy. The bride wears fairy as a long sleeve in ivory. The wedding took place in the United States in 2015.
Get married in the USA cozy bridal jacket fairy in ivory
In the USA, like in Germany, people like to order: Fee, Bella, Helena and also Anna, people like to order cashmere. The noble wool, it is pleasantly soft to wear, I knit it with one and two threads - in many colors.  
The next picture also shows the USA married that bride Anna is wearing a thinner jacket here, perfect for summer weddings.
Get married in the USA with cardigans from Beemohr