Bridal jacket material & color described in more detail

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Often times I will search for the right one Color of the Boleros to wedding dress asked. At the wedding dress in off-white, ivory or ivory, which color goes best with it. Based on my wealth of experience, I can make recommendations. Now you can get a better picture for yourself based on this Videos. Here you can see the colors in comparison and also the materials, which are sometimes easier to see in 3D.
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Photo shoot in Jenisch Park in Hamburg

Choose the right color for your wedding dress: off white, ivory and cream in comparison.

Colors off white and cream for models such as Fee, Fiona, Mimi, Sofie, Marie and other jackets, two-ply knitted.

Color comparison of kid mohair lace bolero Bolero Cloud hand knitted

You can see more videos on my: Youtube channel

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