Care of cashmere and merino jackets

Our models are made almost entirely from Hand knitting yarns knitted. Like industrial yarns, they are not pretreated and do not require washing beforehand. You can put on your jacket or sweater straight away.

Even if you have worn your jacket, I recommend hanging it up to air. That can make washing unnecessary. With knitted models in particular, it is good to wash them as little as possible.

How do I wash woolen sweaters and jackets?

Wash knitted items

Only wash all of Beemohr's knitwear by Handwash. Please do not wash in the washing machine - not even on the hand wash cycle. This can lead to things shrinking and being no longer wearable, as heat and spinning, Wool condensed.

The cardigan or knit sweater Place in the sink or a bowl in 30 degrees warm water. It is best to add a mild shampoo or wool detergent beforehand, then stir gently. Do not wring and squeeze hard, as wool cannot tolerate excessive mechanical movement. Gently squeeze out the lye and take it out of the basin, drain the water and fill in fresh water.

Now clear rinse water with it again 30 degree let in. Put the cardigan or sweater in the water and then gently squeeze out the detergent. When taking out, squeeze out the water lightly.

Spread a towel on a drying rack or a mat and spread out the knitted piece there - do not pull it - and let it dry, it is almost dry without a towel and let it dry completely.

Alternatively, you can use your model for Dry cleaning Take to a local laundry and dry cleaning service.

Bridal sweater knitted in the lace pattern by Beemohr

Steaming jackets and sweaters

If your jacket or sweater has wrinkles, you can steam the model. Set your iron to "wool" and place a clean cloth, e.g. a dry wipe, between the knitted piece and the iron and lightly go over the jacket or sweater.

Store in the closet

You can hang jackets on a hanger. Put the sweater slightly folded in the closet.

I wish you a lot of fun with your knitting model at your wedding and for many years afterwards.