Favors, decorations, place cards, wedding cards, balloons 

1. Invitation cards for their wedding

So that all the important guests are there, send the invitation cards or save the date cards as early as possible.

If you are getting married during vacation time, it is best to do it earlier, as some book their vacation early. You can get creative with invitation cards:
  • Write and tinker yourself
  • or create it online

The advantage of creating online is that it saves time and you can create the menu, place cards and thank you cards in the same design.

Almost every card can be found online, whether it be invitation cards with a wood look or with a floral decoration. Pay attention to the formats; this can make significant differences for the post office, which has already increased its postage again. These are the prices on 11.07.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX:

Product Price in € * Weight:
postcard 0,60€ Brand
Standard 0,80€ Brand up to 20 g
Compact 0,95€ Brand up to 50 g
Large letter 1,55€ Brand up to 500 g
Maxi letter 2,70€ Brand up to 1.000 g

You can send normal invitation cards in a compact letter. The best thing to do is to create the text online as well. As soon as the invitation cards are at home, you can use your guest list to send the cards one by one. Depending on how many wedding guests you have invited, this can take a while. 

2. Party favors as a long keepsake

You want the most beautiful day in your life with your family - at least most of the time, and if not, you don't have to invite all your relatives and spend with your best friends.

And it is customary to give the guests a little souvenir from the wedding and make them happy. In addition to the thank you cards, it is also fun to give a small, individual souvenir right after the wedding celebration.

There are many, many options when it comes to choosing your favors:

Sweets can make almost anyone happy, and it is sure to be a moment in your friends' life that you enjoy and fondly remember their wedding. 

 3. Wedding decorations

Women's hearts can beat even faster here: Garlands with their name and the name of their future groom, candles, rosettes from elegant to kitschy, pompoms in the most beautiful colors, confetti with the words "LOVE", balloons and many other accessories can be used for one Find a wedding - it's a dream.

In addition, well-chosen wedding decorations go wonderfully with it. It is important to stick to one or two harmonious shades so that the eye is not overstrained. A theme can also run through your wedding. 

My husband and I met on a skiing holiday, and we incorporated that into our wedding decorations. Our tables were named after ski mountains, our cake was modeled on a snow mountain with a skier and a snowboarder on top.

There are so many ideas on how to make a wedding cake.

Find funny and decorative figures for your wedding cake, whether for a couple or a motif. 

To transform a ballroom into a festive ambience, chair covers are also a wonderful style - means. Whether white, green or lilac, the selection is large here too, even chair covers with "MR & MRS" printed on them can be ordered for the newlyweds' seats

there is no longer any doubt:

A guest book is available at a wedding so that guests can sign in, paint pictures or convey wishes to the couple. It's a wonderful memory of the wedding.
There are also many options here:
  • Guest books in a wood look
  • to hang
  • with gold embossing
  • bound in fabric

      5. Bachelorette party Bachelorette party

      It's usually hot: the future bride or groom is disguised and has to wear all sorts of things and sell accessories or schnapps to finance the evening with friends.

      But there is another way and that would be more to my taste:

      • Eating out at your favorite Italian
      • A picnic outdoors: park or by the lake
      • Wellness with a lot of relaxation and a nice meal afterwards
      • A boat tour
      • A visit to the nicest bars in town

      If you still need some decoration for your bachelorette party, you will definitely find it in the wedding shop.

       6. Wedding accessories

      For a wedding you usually need some decoration such as flowers, balloons, hearts in all variations, pennant chains and candles, here I have put together some ideas for your wedding:




      7. Wedding ceremony

      Every wedding is different, one small and with only a few guests, the other large and in the castle. You can simply go to your favorite restaurant after the registry office or you can start with a champagne reception on Lake Starnberg.

      Weddings can also be celebrated over several days. 

      Depending on that, you will choose the most suitable ceremony for your wedding. There are different options for a wedding:

      • in the registry office
      • in the church
      • with a free wedding, for example by the sea

        In any case, the bride and groom will give a speech about the couple and usually also about how you met. Some couples write a marriage vows beforehand and read it out before they say yes. That is usually very touching. Still, not everyone likes that much intimacy in front of the public.

        Even before the yes-word, THE appropriate song for the move-in is played, it can be a classical string quartet or the couple's favorite pop song. Some order a life band or singer for their wedding.

        It is also wonderful when flower children scatter flowers. This is a wonderful experience for the couple, the guests and the flower children.