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Beemohr was founded in 2007 and runs several knitting studios spread over Germany.
Bridal stole hand-knitted in a coarse mesh for the tulle skirtBridal sweater in cream and ivory knitted from cashmereBridal bolero wide and cozy to match the bridal skirt

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Making Off Brautshooting bei Beemohr

Bridal shoot 2022 Making OF

Impressions of our bridal shoots The second shoot this year took place in Buchholz in the Nordheide with the photographer Andreas Schmitt im nag ...

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Bridal knit fashion

Cardigan, loop and sweater knitted for your wedding

We knit for brides: Jackets, sweaters, loops, throws, stoles made of soft wool. We knit fine yarns such as cashmere, baby alpaca, merino, mohair and silk. The thread is soft, pleasantly warm and does not scratch. You can choose from many different models: short bolero, longer jackets knitted in one piece, long jackets, cozy cardigans, transparent, delicate wraparound jackets, stoles in a coarse mesh or in a smooth, light pattern, knitted loops and capes in a fur look.

Bridal jackets made of fine yarns go wonderfully with wedding dresses and bridal skirts made of tulle and silk. The jackets are knitted from natural wool and "breathe" with you. Whether you are dancing or at the registry office, a cardigan or sweater warms pleasantly warm and is not itchy at all.

Bridal sweater we knit in a smooth pattern and in a lace pattern. You can choose between many different sweater models, whether tailored, to match the bridal skirt or longer to the hips.You will find many different models in our shop.

Bridal stole A knitted bridal stole wraps around your shoulders easily and adapts nicely. The stole can be tied at the back or in the shoulder area, which always creates a new look. In addition, it is easy to put on and does not destroy your bridal hairstyle. We knit stoles in delicate patterns and in coarse stitches, you are sure to find the perfect knitting accessory for your wedding dress.

Bridal loop If you don't want a jacket, just a light knitted loop, you can also find this beautiful accessory in our bridal shop. You can choose the loop in the delicate knitted alpaca or in a fluffy mohair knitted with a coarse stitch. For autumn and spring brides, you can even order a bridal loop in a fur look, you can't tell by looking at it, but it is knitted from wool.

Bridal accessories Together with your bridal jacket, you can order garter belts, bridal lingerie and hold-up stockings - conveniently in one shop. Whether bridal sweater or bridal jacket, we have created bridal boxes for you. We would be happy to knit the matching cuffs for you with loops or short-sleeved bridal jackets.

Wool Do you like to knit? Then you will find many knitting boxes with matching wool and knitting instructions here. We carry yarns from Katia, Lanartus, Phildar, Filatura Di Crosa and Lang Yarns. These include fine yarns such as cashmere, mohair, angora, merino, fantasy cuddly wool and lace.