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Wedding Jackets & Sweater for Brides world wide

Getting married with a soft knit cardigan or bridal pullover in ivory, off white or white

We knit your dream bridal jacket in one of our little knitting studios in GERMANY. A knit jacket for evening or bridal dresses keeps you warm and makes sure you don't get a cold during your wedding or a birthday party. Most jackets cover the shoulders and arms: it shows your dress.

Beemohr's jackets are knitted from soft skinfriendly wool, are comfortably to wear, do not itch and are not fussy at all.


Bolero in white, off white, ivory, rose, red, black and more colours

We knit all jackets in a wide range of colors. For a wedding the best matching colour is "ivory"- it is a very light ivory which most wedding dresses are made off. For dresses whith a rather strong ivory colour we have a wonderfull light ivory that is a bit stronger as well as the classical colors rose and pale blue, which are liked by brides. It also suits an ivory-coloured wedding dress very well and can also be worn to many other occasion such as the theater, a concert, a birthday, Christmas or being guest at a wedding.

Bridal Cardigan ivory for US Brides Knit jacket for your wedding in rose dusty pink

Knit jacket for wedding dresses

A knit jacket is a great combination with chiffon - or a silk dress. It makes the bridal outfit extra romantic and feels softer copared to lace or satin jackets. A knit jacket made of natural yarns makes you feel warm without sweating.  We use baby alpaca with silk, Merino, Cashmere and Mohair for our bridal coverups.

These wool is soft, skinfriendly and lets the jacket breath - wearing this bolero you can enjoy any party :-)

Bridal cardigan and the knit pattern

Our bridal jackets are knitted in a plain look with wonderful raglan at the sleeves and neckline. There are smooth knitted Bolero named Sofie or rather chunky knitted jackets such as Anna. The modell Fee is slightly warmer: I recommend it for an autumn or winter wedding. Anna would be suitable for a summer or sping wedding. I love themes knitted into a jacket, therefore you will find some bridal jackets with:

  • Kknitted with hearts: Julia
  • Knitted with writing such as "Braut", "Bride", "YES" or your initials
  • Knitted with hearts or a note

Wedding jacket knitted in ivory and powder for brides in USA and CANADA Knit Bolero for your wedding in America, USA, Canada, New Zeeland

♥ If you prefer your Wedding Bolero in white, with glitter, red or black; you will probably find your favorite jacket on Beemohr's site online 

Wedding Topper knitted for Brides to keep you warm in church and for the ceremony

Bridal jackets for colder moments. I know everybody hopes to have sun shine at their wedding. Nevertheless prepare in case it gets a bit colder on your wedding day. It might also be a good idea to have a warm bolero for church or outside in the park. 

- a wam knit jacket might be wonderful - 

Prepare in advance and order a warm wedding jacket. We knit the bolero using cashmere, merino, baby alpaca, silk or mohair. With these yarns you can enjoy your wedding day. The jackets suits most dresses either princess, empire or etui style.

Bridal shrug and wrap order online

Planning your wedding takes a lot of time. Above all it is difficult to find the perfect wedding cardigan.

► Find the perfect solution: In the bridal jacket section in our Bridal Shop you will find about 50 different jackets with many pictures. Take time and find your favored bridal jacket, order it online  and try it on. You can send it back, if it does not match your wedding dress, all without leaving your home :-)

We also love to make modifications, such as longer sleeves. In case you are unsure what size or color to choose, please go ahead and write an email to us: info@beemohr.de.

Generally we answer within the same day. If your wedding day is close, we knit faster. Please let us know your wedding day when ordering. 

♥ I am happy to knit the bridal bolero cardigan for you