Getting back to slow activities: Knitting

Knit your own sweaters, jackets or dresses

Everyone has them, everyone needs them, because cozy wool keeps you warm when the days get colder or when the sun doesn't want to shine on the most beautiful day of your life.

Wedding jackets and bridal stoles are available from specialist retailers, but making them yourself is even more popular. Can not be that difficult.

Do it yourself or buy?

Two on the right, two on the left, two entangled stitches. Or how did grandma do it back then?

The dusty image of knitting has been polished up for a long time and now you can see young women everywhere taking their knitting out of it. Whether in the city park, on the playground or in the subway, they are spotted everywhere, the knitting-happy ladies.

For inspiration you will find soft wool and knit kits in our shop.

Knitting for weddings and leisure pullover jackets

Of course there is a good reason for this

Knitting is fun, knitting is creative and knitting is always trendy and trendy. Once you have started, you cannot get rid of it. Women like to be wrapped around their fingers :-),

Especially when the right wool thread is used.

  • 2 needles and 1 ball of wool

... is a challenge for every beginner that she quickly meets. For many women, knitting is no longer just manual work, but a passion that helps them to create trendy outfits themselves.

The wool box is intended for the beginning, the great knitting adventure begins with cuffs, scarf and hat. Before the bride or her loved ones make the wedding jacket or the bride's stole.

The rattling of the needles always causes a sensation.

Knit stole for your wedding in cosy wool

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