How to find your future husband

Prior the wedding comes the search for the groom

Many girls already have the wish being a bride with a wonderfull bridal gown. They look at pictures and magazines, some even create a collage of their dream wedding.

But prior your wedding you need to find the perfect future husband. This might be easy for some woman but for many it is a long way.

It was then that I recently discovered this saying that I have since believed in. However, love rarely comes to you if you are not also active.

This saying says: "Love isn't something you find, it is something that will find you.".

Can love find me?
So at some point I read several books on this topic, all about finding the right partner. These books were eye openers, here are some of the things I learned from these books:
  1. Buy things only in pairs if possible, including decorations; candles, glasses, figures, always two please.
  2. Clear part of your closet so that your future partner has spare room for his belongings.
  3. I've also bought a brown bath towel for my future partner to match my red one.
  4. And the most important point is to create a wish contract. Here you can describe exactly what your future husband should look like and what qualities you wish. Should he be funny, intelligent, have a large group of friends, want a family or rather concentrate on you?
  5. Write down your most important goals every day. And that for at least 30 days, preferably even longer. This transports your goals into the subconscious and that works for you.
An finally when you have found your dream man ...

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