Wedding in year 2022 with a knit sweater or knit cardigan

Wedding in autumn & winter 2022

The year is almost over still many couples get married in autumn and winter in Germany. For this season it is recommended to go with a warm jacket or sweater.

Our bestseller for this time are these models:

Cozy knit jacket Jacky, wedding sweater Vicky

Knit jacket for your wedding warm and soft wool Wedding knit sweater from Beemohr

This stolero is knitted in 3 D pattern and wraped around keeping comfortably warm. We knit this model in many colors.

Warming wedding wrap handknitted from Beemohr

These bridal knit accessories will keep you warm in autumn and winter. By the way my wedding took place on september 2007.

I still remember my wedding planning in 2006, the summer dates for 2007 were already taken for the weekends, so we got married in autumn. In September we had wonderful sunshine at the champagne reception on the Elbe a river floating through Hamburg. Thanks to my own knitted jacket, I wasn't cold. I knitted the jacket with fine mohair. On the back I knitted the writing "BRIDE" with golden yarn.

This was the beginning for my label Beemohr.. Nowadays we knit a variety of sweaters, jackets, bolero and loops for brides. All models can be found here.

Beemohr is getting married with a cardigan made of fine mohair:

Beemohr is getting married with a knit jacketeinem Mohair

I wish you a great wedding yours Sabine.

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