Which wedding traditions go with my wedding?

People have always been married!

And as old as getting married, are some customs that have crept in with marriage. Because these customs and manners are supposed to ensure health, numerous descendants, happiness and eternal love.

Wedding traditions have been handed down for generations and simply passed on. Everyone knows the saying: “Different countries, different customs” and so it is with the wedding traditions.

Traditions and customs at a wedding

Probably the best known custom

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and they are feverishly sought out, the various accessories for the bride.

Like to forget the bridal couple on the coin in the shoe. Because this coin in the shoe should ensure that the bride and groom are always well provided for financially. This tradition is no longer adhered to, because who wants to risk being on wedding day gets a bruise.

Bride and groom are getting married

Sprinkling flowers is an issue at every wedding

Flowers and rose petals are thrown at the bridal couple. Sweet to look at Flower children gladly take on this task. A rich child's blessing should be brought to the bride and groom with this custom. Today rice is also used for it. Because rice is a symbol of fertility.

Flower children at the wedding

A bed sheet heart with blunt scissors is usually waiting for you after the wedding

And the bride and groom can then quickly cut out this heart. Then quickly through, through the resulting heart-shaped hole. The groom also likes to carry his bride through and thus skillfully combines the custom of “carrying over the threshold”.

Throwing the bridal bouquet, blocking the path, the bachelor party, the list of customs goes on and on. It is best for each newlyweds to choose the custom that best suits their own Wedding fits.

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