What is part of the wedding preparations?

The wedding preparations 

Anyone who dares and will forever in the coming spring or in the upcoming summer the bond for life concludes, he's right in the middle of the Wedding preparations. 

The list at the registry office has already been ordered, and the pastor also knows when he can pronounce the church blessing. The location is already reserved and that Wedding budget has already been estimated.

Who can be on the guest list?

Then it's time to appoint the groomsmen. You take on an important role in the Wedding and they must have become very dear to the bride and groom's hearts to do justice to this role. The guest list is compiled. The boyfriend from his youth, he shouldn't be forgotten and what about the grand cousin with whom she bride always spent her summer vacation?

Prepare for the wedding

It will of course also be put on the guest list. They get fast Save-to-date cards shipped that everyone loadedWedding guest noted the appointment in good time.

The long-awaited wedding dress purchase

For the bride the most important task is now ahead, the purchase of the wedding dress. At first you only look once or can the decision be made right away? The most exciting time of her life is now ahead of the bride-to-be. Also the Groom's suit purchase should not be put on the back burner. The trade already has the trendy suits for the coming year in stock.

Choosing the wedding dress for your wedding

Then on - on!

Now everything can be savored in peace. Enjoy the magic of the moment he will never come back in this form.

Bridal jacket for her wedding from soft wool knitted by Beemohr

So that you don't freeze at your wedding

... we knit your cozy and soft bridal jacket or the matching bridal sweater for your bridal skirt.