Mother's Day and the right gift to go with it

Mother's Day on May 12, 2019

It is they who show us love, understanding, care, attention and patience for a whole child's life and well beyond that. That's why the dear little ones and also big ones want it again on a Sunday in May Thank you sagen.

With which gesture should the thanks be expressed?

Is it really true that nothing is more fun for mothers than a colorful bouquet of flowers or delicious chocolates? But should the gift for mom not be tainted with a breath of inspiration? There were flowers already last year and, if you think about it carefully, also the year before.

This Mother's Day should be something unique ...

And one-off days deserve a special surprise. One that really succeeds and causes happy faces. Because it is well known that giving is a pleasure, but it has to be done first the right mother's day present "To be pulled ashore".

Bee Mohr is happy to help with this affair of the heart

Warm knitted stole Wool and knitting instructions Ingenua for a bolero

Mother and the handicraft

You still understand something about the good, old handwork. They still like to let the mothers of the nation crack the needle themselves. That is why a wool box is the perfect gift.

Mother and her fashion sense

Every mom wants to look beautiful and attaches great importance to a chic outfit. Yes exactly, a knitted dress, that's it! Flowers wither, she eats chocolates, but she enjoys a dress made of soft merino, cashmere and angora for a long time.

Should the mother's evening outfit not be completed yet, maybe a smart bolero, a warm jacket or an elegant stole is missing? In this case, too, Bee Mohr is happy to help.

Is your mother's fashion taste puzzling?

Then the giver is just right with a voucher. A voucher for something knitted is always popular and mom can choose freely!

With this in mind, the Bee Mohr team wishes: A nice mother's day