Dream wedding 63 years ago in Monaco

Wedding in the princely city-state of Monaco

Am April 18, 1956 Prince Rainier III married his Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly.

A day like in a fairy tale ...

The sun was shining with the bride and groom when Prince Rainier of Monaco took his Grace Kelly as his wife. The groom came from the oldest dynasties in Europe. His bride, was a commoner from the United States and was an Oscar winner and beauty icon at the time.

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Many similarities that connect them

The newlywed couple may come from different origins, but the character of the 32-year-old prince and the 26-year-old actress were very similar. They were both determined and ambitious people.

With a lot of passion they managed to make the mini-state of Monaco one of the most prosperous countries on earth again. With full passion, great visions and a gigantic amount of work, the principality became a metropolis of luxury. And it all started with one world famous and celebrated dream weddingthat was 60 years ago.

A cool breeze is blowing in Monaco too

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