KNITTING KITS: wool and instructions in the box, relax and knit your own jacket for your wedding dress ♥

Your knitting set: knit the bridal jacket of your choice 

Design your bridal outfit yourself; knit You your own Bridal jacket.

Knitting is relaxed and you can create something entirely your own. Yarns and colors can be combined according to your own taste. So you can do fine things cashmere Knit two or three threads or combine it with a merino thread. Merino, on the other hand, becomes cuddly when you mix in a mohair thread.

I ordered my favorite yarn in all colors. Apart from the joy when I unpack the boxes, I can combine the colors as I wish. Here I introduce you Knitting instructions of my favorite Hand knitting - creations and the matching ones Yarn are available.

Knit Kit Knit your bridal jacket yourself Bridal bolero to knit yourself from mohair and cashmere Cardigan for the wedding in summer, spring and autumn

The knitting boxes, also known as knit kits

... are mostly for Bridal bolero and  Bridal sweater compiled. The model is easy to knit Anna. Even Jacky is you can with little experience knit. The fluffy yarn even hides knitting irregularities such as tight and loose stitches. Do you like something warmer and fluffier Bridal jacket, then Jacky a good model for knitting. In addition, the wool is a little thicker, so you don't need too much time to knit this knit cardigan. With the colors you can choose between ivory, cream, dusky pink, light gray, light brown and red.

It becomes more demanding to knit the bridal sweater

    • On the other hand, challenges bring you further! :-)

The Lace Pattern is worked out over several rows. So you have to concentrate, but once you've figured that out, let's move on. The other option, if that's too complicated for you, is to replace the lace pattern with a stockinette stitch. For future Brides on a tight budget this could be Knit kit be a good alternative to the finished jacket for from 50 EUR.

Or you can grab the knitting set right away CloeIt Bridal sweater is knitted in stockinette stitch from the start, but with a round neck: super simple.

Bridal jackets in one piece with only 2 seams

Also easy to knit, the decreases are a bit more demanding, but otherwise these are simple knitting instructions. You can knit the bridal bolero Bella with different yarns: cashmerebaby alpacaMohair and  Angora.

YOUR new hobby: Absolutely Knit!