The story of the little golden box filled with lots of kisses

A very special gift

Today I want to tell a little story that will make you think. Many people may already know this, but I still find this story wonderful, even though I've heard it so often. Because this little story keeps us thinking a little and shows us the really important things in life.

Giving with the heart

The most beautiful and dearest gift

Do the same for the little girl

Some time ago a father had his five year old Daughter railed for wasting a roll of expensive gold wrapping paper. The girl used all the gold-colored wrapping paper to decorate a box that found its place under the Christmas tree.

As the handing out Christmas Presents took place, the girl took the present box and brought it to her father with the words: This is for you, papa. The father was embarrassed because he had weathered so the day before and now he has been rewarded with this gift. He opened the box with anticipation, and to his amazement, it was empty. Annoyed, he asked his girl: Don't you know that empty packaging is not given away?

Only the heart recognizes true gifts

The little girl was disappointed, her eyes filled with tears and she gave her father to understand: Dad, the box is not empty. I put so many kisses in it until it was very, very full. The father was now embarrassed, he fell on his knees, put his arms around his daughter and asked her forgiveness.

I wish you a little golden box filled with lots of kisses

With this in mind, I wish my readers fulfilled Christmas days and a little golden box that is filled to the brim with lots of kisses.