Advent time with Bee Mohr

Advent season with Bee Mohr

There is hardly any other time of the year that is more exciting for our children than the Advent season. Every day is allowed a little door in the advent calendar be opened. This is the first task that our offspring is busy with right after getting up. The most beautiful rituals of the year can be found in December.

Spend valuable time together

There is another candle every Sunday Advent wreath enlighten. Spending valuable time together is the key to a happy advent season. A time when it smells of baked cookies and baked apples. We dedicate ourselves again to very traditional things, such as baking, writing Christmas greeting cards and knitting.

Play Christ Child yourself

How did our grandmothers do it back then when they “wanted to play Christ Child” but toys were not affordable? They used their knitting to make hats, gloves, scarves and socks with dexterity and love. Because your loved ones should never get cold and they should come comfortably warm through the winter. They also had a present that they proudly presented on December 24.12th. could hand over. Wool and yarn for knitting there is a great variety and who is now looking for a thicker wool the experiment knitting would like to venture, he can certainly on Christmas Eve Hand over something that you have knitted yourself. Like back then ...