Cardigans in coarse mesh * hand-knitted * soft and warm bolero for romantic weddings

Bridal jackets knitted in coarse stitches

In our autumn collection you will find jackets knitted by hand; more and convenient Bolero for her wedding dress. These Jackets are very long in the back up to 60 cm and also go well with low-cut dresses.

Whether in the church, at the champagne reception

... at the registry office, for a walk in the park or even to kidnap a bride, this jacket warms you up and can withstand a lot.

We usually knit these jackets after they have been ordered. You are welcome to send us your Wishes communicate; longer or shorter arms, even coarser ones Meshes; a lot is possible.

    • Write us your wishes and we will knit your dream jacket for you. 
Hand-knitted bridal stole in a super large mesh


How long do we need to knit her jacket?

Some brides make up their minds or did not expect bad weather at their wedding. Then it can happen that the bridal jacket is 2 weeks before the Wedding is ordered. If this is the case with your order, then write to us so that we can get extra fast knit

* We make almost anything possible *

Bridal bolero to knit yourself

Would you like theirs Jacket knit yourself? With practice and time, this is it Bolero knitted well myself. With extra thick stitches knitted in one piece, it goes really fast, a bolero can be ready in one afternoon. You can find the knitting sets for the coarse knitted bolero here.