Men give differently - women too

Men give differently - women too

What might that be? Maybe because they are different Christmas prepare. Women decorate the apartment nicely, they light candles and try that Christmas magicto bring it to life in your own four walls. Men only notice that Christmas is approaching when the first punch stand has opened its doors.

Gold ring, lace underwear or would you prefer a mixer?

Gifts for the dear family

Men like to grab sparkling pieces of jewelry, pretty lingerie or good-smelling perfume when it comes to them the Christmas present of your loved ones goes. Practically inclined men never get past the household department of the electrical wholesale market during Advent.

In general, many men feel attracted to electrical brands and they want to share this preference with their companion every year. Whether that is what you want is another matter.

Women are a tad more creative when it comes to giving gifts

They like to knit, they crochet with joy, for them it is important all gifts bear their own signature. Why not? When the hand-knitted gloves still fit and your loved one no longer has to suffer from cold fingers on the way to work. Has for women giving always a romantic side. That's why they like to give away time for two. Be it a visit to the theater, dinner for two or a weekend trip.