Circle Of Life - He is accompanied by beemohr

Knitting for the birth, the wedding and the anniversary

“The experience begins from birth when we turn towards the sun.
There is more to see than you can ever see, more to do, so much more to understand.

Life here is a miracle - everything new, everything endless and wide
and the sun draws softly, its golden circle, leads young and old into eternity.

And our life turns in an eternal circle, we are consecrated to the law of nature.

We are all part of this universe and life is an eternal circle. "

Baby blanket knitted from Merino as a birth present

Hooray it's a girl! That is wrapped in the finest cashmere from Beemohr

An eternal circle that begins with birth. An experience that is very formative for all parents, grandparents and other relatives. Finally your own home is filled with new life, a new citizen, who is very close to us, now fills our life with joy, love and warmth. The fittingBirth gift should be presented.

    • A baby blanket made of soft and comfortable cashmere

... wraps the baby up snuggly and keeps it warm. This blanket can be chosen in a wide variety of designs. Who a unique Birth gift want to hand over, the baby blanket can be personalized without further ado. The blanket should proudly reveal who is wrapped in it.

The little girl in the white dress at communion

A special day in every child's life is this Celebration of communion. Here, too, beemohr has the right ones Accessories, which completes the outfit of the little communicants and makes them look simply beautiful on this special day. Feeling like a bride for once, girls love that idea and that Communion is for them the celebration that they will not forget in their whole life.

Festive dress for girls

Knitwear is chic - beemohr accompanies young girls into adulthood

Before you know it, the little girl from elementary school has turned into a pretty young lady. Who has grown from its infancy and can already count itself among the casual and cool teenagers and ...

    • What do these young people need?

Of course, one unmistakable lookthat strengthens their appearance and underlines their personality. How about one knitted dressthat flatters the figure of the young girl and highlights her assets. The dress is always popular, whether at school or in the evening at a party. Because Merino, cashmere and angora flatter themselves skilfully to their wearer and let the young "maiden" look wonderful in it.

Wedding! The day of days and Beemohr is there

The wild, stormy times as a teenager have passed and the once quick-tempered teen has become a beautiful young woman. Who, of course, dreams of her dream prince riding by with the white horse and taking her to his castle for all eternity.

Get married with a Beemohr cardigan

The dream prince was not long in coming and the question of all questions was asked. Yes, she is going to get married. The big day that is supposed to be the most beautiful in a woman's life is within reach. Preparations after preparations are being made. The anticipation increases immeasurably.

    • Will all your dreams come true on the wedding day?

For the Beemohr team, it is an affair of the heart that the brides feel perfect on their day, and that's why they become one too extensive collection of jackets, boleros and stoles offered.

Thanks to this diverse range, every woman will find the right cape for her Bride look makes complete.

Beemohr makes you want more

As soon as the woman has entered the safe haven of marriage, the domestic side of her is polished up and she finds pleasure again in all the things that she has not done for years. The knitting needles are simply taken out on a dull autumn day and there is a lot of clattering with them. After all, the “better half” needs a warm sweater.

Bridal sweater for your wedding knitted from soft wool


Beemohr can be counted on for this project. What can it be, one Knitting instructionsthat every single stitch fits perfectly? Or is the coherent wool enough? Because once you have learned to knit, it is well known that you will never forget it. Or does the wife, who will soon become a mother, opt for the coordinated one Knitting box?

Knit kit for your wool bridal jacket & knitting instructions

And so we come full circle with Beemohr

Yes you've read correctly. The wife who will soon be a mother and the right one Baby blanket from beemohr do not want to do without. Because the best and most beautiful is only good enough for your child. And so the circle and the Gifts and attentions von beemohr were always there when something important, something decisive, something wonderful happened.