Kiss under the mistletoe! Did you do it?

Kisses on Christmas & New Years Eve

In Germany and Austria, many mistletoe dwarfs are still hanging in the individual door frames in many houses.

And of course not without reason. A tradition handed down tells us that when a couple kisses under the mistletoe, it stays that way together forever

Another legend says that kissing under the mistletoe branch should bring luck to the couple. If the woman stands under the branch and is kissed by her loved one, she can be as a in the coming year bride emerge.

Kissing under the mistletoe

A mystical magic that we all like to succumb to. The mistletoe has inexplicable magical powers. Hex, hex! A Nordic legend of the gods reveals that much. Because mistletoe is said to have been the sacred plant of Frigga, the goddess of love. The evil god Loki Friggas wanted to kill the son of the goddess of love Frigga.
So every animal and every plant had to promise her not to harm her son Balder. Only the mistletoe she forgot to ask. Balder then had to lose his life with the arrowhead from this branch. Tradition has it that the tears of Frigga turned into the white berries of the mistletoe. After three days the son was brought back to life by the mother.
Wedding couple with wedding dress and suit
The goddess of love Frigga was overwhelmed with joy, so she kissed everyone who walked under the tree. Frigga made the mistletoe promise that it would not harm anyone anymore and that it would only serve as a love plant from now on. An attempt that can be quite worthwhile.
So if you haven't kissed under the mistletoe yet, you should catch up on it as soon as possible. Mistletoes grow mainly on fruit trees and poplars. One white berry mistletoe is quickly found in our latitudes, a Peck in the blink of an eye and a love that lasts forever may be expected.