Rediscover the old hobby KNITTING

Rediscover the old hobby KNITTING

The fascination of knitting is unbroken. What might that be? The cool meshes, which are effectively strung together, create a unique piece made by yourself. Create a unique piece with your own finesse, a tempting prospect.

The play of colors with the wool

In the past it was mostly reserved for grandmothers, today it is knitting Young and old with full enthusiasm and takes pride in having a neat Mesh cast on to accomplish. No wonder anyone who wants to shift down a gear in today's digital world simply picks up the needles in their free time. Young and young at heart do-it-yourselfers can be found under the category WOOL  the finest work materials. The self-composed play of colors with the wool is allowed to begin.

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Knitwear is always trendy

Because the knitwear is not subject to any trend, but is still always trendy. Specially made stitches instead of off-the-peg fashion, a very tempting prospect, isn't it? Besides, that is knitting one of the Hobbys that can be exercised all year round. In winter behind the crackling fireplace and in mild summer nights on the balcony.