The wedding year 2018 at Beemohr: the review

We have knitted for many brides

There was a lot new this year. We launched the bridal collection at the end of 2017. January got off to a very strong start. We even had an order from Saudi Arabia. At the end of the year a Japanese woman ordered and we sent a bolero in light yellow from Kashmir to Japan.

I'm always happy when Beemohr's jackets and bolero get attention even in distant lands. Many international customers can also find us via Etsy.


Brides from Germany


... also very often decided on something knitted for their wedding. Whether a wedding in summer, autumn or winter - many women played it safe and ordered a warm jacket.

Even in spite of the hot summer. In 2017 the number of marriages decreased slightly compared to 2016. In general, according to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of marriages has been increasing in Germany since the 90s.


Marriages in Germany


From our collection for bridal jackets in 2018 there were some models that were ordered the most, here are the most popular jackets:

  1. Jacky

    Knitted bridal jacket for weddings
  2. Elly

    Bridal sweater knitted in the lace pattern for your bridal skirt
  3. Sky

    In 2018 we have a second Bridal jackets Collection designed and launched. This collection contains models that are hand-knitted in chunky stitches. These jackets are suitable for low-cut dresses and for brides who like it a little wider. the Cardigans were also very happy to be ordered.

    Bridal jacket knitted in super chunky stitches for weddings

The highlights of Beemohr in brief

  • New bride collection
  • Migration of the shop system to Shopify
  • Dawanda closes
  • Our Etsy shop is getting bigger accordingly
  • We are launching our hand-knitted bridal line
  • Beemohr's first book goes online as an e-book Amazon
  • Design of the bridal collection 2019