How do I celebrate a baptism?

Designing a baptism

Everywhere you can read how to design a wedding can. There are many traditional customs to this festival as well as many local customs that the wedding feast make it unique. But how do you design a christening ceremony original? An interesting question! Especially since readings, prayers and processes are brought to the fore at this festival. But you have to be able to give the big event your own touch ...

A colorful bouquet for the person to be baptized

Flowers are a must at festivities, but I'm not talking about lush flower arrangements that are perfectly matched tone on tone. A colorful, lively bouquet comes to mind.

Each of the guests should take a flower to the baptism. A flower, no matter which one. Everyone then puts them in the vase under the celebration. So get the baptized child a colorful bouquet that suggests how colorful and lively his life will be. Because everyone gives the child different advice and words on their life path. As different as these are, this is how they are designed the bouquet of flowers for baptism.

Celebrate a baptism

Colorful balloons soaring into the sky

It is not uncommon for balloons to rise into the sky with the best wishes at weddings. Why don't we leave this practice in place too the baptism celebrate?

The treasure chest

Children love surprises and there comes a time when they can't get enough of them. So it speaks for itself at the christening ceremony To set up a specially made treasure chest, where each of the guests can put a small present. Once a year (at will) the treasure chest is then opened to take out a present and surprise the child with it.

Christening candle for baptism

The baptism ring

Many godparents choose one for the piece of jewelry Baptismal ring. It's a nice gesture to have some wool with you and a wool thread to run through the hands of the guests. The baptismal ring is hung on this woolen thread and thus goes through the hands of the guests. Every guest stops the ring for the person to be baptized once in his hands and gives him good wishes before he is passed on. Only when all the guests have held it in their hands will it be blessed by the pastor.