Small wedding celebration with big feelings

Small wedding party or big one?

How should the wedding take place; with all imaginable extras or would you prefer to celebrate in a small group?

Is a normal registry office enough or is it necessary to choose an unusual location? It should eventually the best day in life of the bride and groom.

When the couple decided that a small wedding with big feelings The next step is to find a nice restaurant where it can be ensured that the wedding party is well served.

Wedding celebration with many or a few guests

To come back to the wedding party again. Nevertheless, a small wedding still harbors loads of people. Since the word patchwork has caught on, the list of guests is getting longer and longer. Because every invited guest wants to bring their new family to the wedding in tow.

Everything can be wrapped up before the day of the day arrives.

  • The wedding menu must be chosen correctly.
  • All invitation cards must have reached the recipient in good time.
  • There must be souvenir photos.
  • What about the carriage, has one already been reserved?
  • And does the wedding dress now fit or does the tailor have to be visited again?

Tired, happy, and a little nervous

Tired, happy and a little nervous, the bride and groom lie in bed before the “big day”. Will everything work out?

  • But of course!

And, it's a damn nice feelingto be married soon. It is an amazing feeling! Even if you've been together for so long and the couple has long since learned to master and share their everyday lives. Even if the child sleeps in the next room and will be throwing flowers tomorrow. To be married is much more than to live together in a "wild marriage".

Man and woman at last