Small styling tips with a big impact

There are certainly as many wedding dresses as there are married women

... that is why it is important to discover the right one for yourself.

The legendary wedding dress wears, how should it be otherwise, the color white. The bride can of course choose from a wide variety of shades of white. When choosing the wedding dress, the quality must not be neglected either. Because if you want to prove style and class, for this one bride the most beautiful dress is just good enough.

The choice of the wedding dress

A smart bolero makes your eyes wander

If you have strong upper arms, you should put them in a smart one Bolero or in a cozy jacket envelop. So they are not given any meaning and all eyes are automatically attached to the wonderful cleavage. Which is also the point of the matter.

Bridal jacket knitted for vintage weddings

The naturalness must be skillfully brought to bear

Too much glitter and countless pearls often look overloaded. Less is often more and that is not much different with a wedding dress. Because elegance does not glitter or shimmer, the elegance shines discreetly in front of itself. On your big day, stay natural or they'll feel in disguise and not you.

When it comes to make-up, it can be said that effectively made-up eyes and wonderful lips, which will later be kissed a dozen times more, are enough. Every bride knows best what suits her face. The color brown flatters every guy.

Veil? Gladly!

A right bride wears a veil, of course. She doesn't really need a bag, what is there for Bridesmaids. Jewelry should also be chosen discreetly, pearls are included Weddings always right.