Bachelorette party bachelorette party with pink lemonade

JGA stylish with a lemonade and champagne

It happened last week. To the JGA the pink one came to a friend Silt drove up; the perfect introduction to a successful Party. With several bottles of sparkling wine and cool beats, we headed for Hamburg. Of course we didn’t miss a trip over the Reeperbahn. We were 8 girls and it was really loud. The driver's ears must have been smoking. The entire afternoon and evening was organized by the best friend and maid of honor.

So we arrived in a good mood at the restaurant - our first stop. After we were strengthened, we went bowling. That was a different idea for the JGA and one or the other sparkling wine could be broken down better with a little movement. Then we went to the karaoke bar and later in the dance club.


Limo for the JGA


From karaoke and bowling to going to a club

... in the Laundrette everything was there. Of course we also had one or two drinks. Both the Limo Bar and Club were well stocked with champagne and cocktails.

Champagne and cocktails for the girls at the JGA

Incidentally, I can warmly recommend the club. The DJane met our taste exactly: a mixture of 80s and alternative rock. the future bride Incidentally, didn't have to wear anything embarrassing or sell anything. The organizer was obviously having her gracious day.

I hope you enjoy your next bachelorette party Sabine Mohr.