CASHMERE for your wedding

Fiona in Love ... is ours Cashmere line for brides

We knit soft and skin-friendly Bridal jackets. So far we have been under the label beemohr mostly knitted with small admixtures of cashmere - this is also a nice variant.

If you like pure cashmere, you will Fionainlove Line like. The difference is the softness. These jackets are super soft and wonderfully suitable even for very sensitive skin. We use hand knitting yarn; The cashmere consists of 70% cashmere and has a silk / merino admixture, which gives the cashmere stability.

Why Fionainlove?

Fiona is a fictional name with the thought of a woman who does this Special loves; under the motto: "Not much and only the best". It grew partly out of my own situation. My life is also being redesigned and I see things through different eyes, beautiful things happen and I keep developing. Old things go and only a select few are allowed in. That is very liberating and that Fokus on that really basics becomes more visible.

This also applies to the wardrobe. Better a few noble pieces than a lot and inexpensive.

Wardrobe with a few fine clothes

The cashmere product line also lives from this: not much, but selected. You are sure to find a matching jacket or sweater made of cashmere for your wedding or other festive occasion.

Minor changes knit we would be happy to assist you, please ask. Under the heading Contact you can find our email address and telephone number.

Would you like to knit your cashmere jacket yourself?

In case your Bridal jacket rather yourself knit we have for you Knitting boxes put together consisting of the cashmere wool and the matching knitting instructions. cashmere entangles itself very nicely, it is soft and easy to run. The knitting instructions include a pattern and, for more difficult techniques, photo instructions. 

If you don't have that much experience, choose a lighter piece or ask a friend or relative. Many are happy about a "knitting order".

We look forward to your visit, your questions, your selection and your feedback.