New LEGER leisure line: knitted sweaters and jackets in an oversize look

We knit colorful sweaters and jackets for home office and the weekend

Yes, our new ones are exactly for those cozy days Cozy sweater knitted. These sweaters are exactly to my taste: loose and oversizeto match tight jeans or leggings. I wear the look myself most of the time, because it's just great comfortable is. 

Das Modell JAMES is knitted from mohair in dusky pink:

Mohair sweater knitted in dusky pink for leggings

Here, too, I knitted the body in one piece, so there are no annoying seams in the shoulder area. I wear size 38 and have this here Sweater in united Size, a little oversize. So comfortable and soft. Dusty pink is a nice warm color. We knit the sweater in many others Colors, just click on the picture to get to the product. There you will see a variety of Mohair colors.

Hand-knitted mohair sweater to match the leggings

I love hand knitted sweaters

I've already knitted a few sweaters for myself, and I've reported on some of them here. I enjoy having an idea and the right one for it Wool choose and go knit. Then I knit everywhere: in the car, in the garden, while listening to YouTube.

Knitting in the car and in the garden

The two-tone GERRY model starts in a beautiful light powder shade on the arm and turns into a light gray. A comfortable sweater in light colors - perfect with jeans or leggings.

Mohair cuddly sweater knitted in light gray powder

Oversized mohair sweater for leisure time

Hand knitted thick mohair sweater

Our LEGER line is gradually getting new models, at the moment I am knitting a sweater with striped sleeves and a single-colored body and also two-colored again at BOB. I'm curious how this mohair sweater will be received.

For knitters and knitaddicted

If you like to knit yourself, you can knit this sweater at home with our knit kit. The knit kit includes knitting instructions and the right wool.

Mohair sweater to knit yourself by Beemohr