Getting married in times of Corona: what's next in summer 2020

Corona: Weddings in June, July, August, September 2020

Many Couples wondering how can i mean Wedding celebrate in these Corona times? At the moment, the Corona regulations from our federal government in the form of our Brakeman - Chancellor are restrictive. Thank goodness the state prime ministers are more liberal and easing is becoming more and more popular.

Is it possible to get married again soon?

Restrictions still apply in May, after all, more people can now than just that newlyweds into the registry officeYou can also marry again in church. After restaurants reopen on May 18.05.20th, XNUMX, celebrations are possible again. A friend of mine celebrates hers Wedding in Lower Saxony in August, according to information from Restaurants, celebrations for up to 50 people are possible. They already are good prospects. Personally, I think the easings will be done faster than it sounds now.

The current restrictions are not in proportion to the actual effects of Corona. Such a shutdown was perhaps justified at the beginning of March, but now that more figures have been published, e.g. due to the Heinsberg study by Prof. Streeck, the measures are no longer in proportion to far fewer cases than originally assumed.

Getting married in Corona times

The facts about wedding closings in Corona times

According to my research, most pages refer to contacting the registry office and the restaurants in the respective municipality. There can be very different guidelines here.

For example, the Wedding It may be possible under certain conditions, which conditions these are, can range from a wedding ceremony with a mask to a wedding ceremony for up to 8 people present in the registry office be. How the conditions are designed, in turn, depends very much on the attitude of the registry office and the service providers.

An example from practice

Yesterday I went on a paddle tour with my loved one (in Lower Saxony). That was an experience, the owner brought us the boat, the disinfectant spray and cloths were stored in the car, we had to disinfect the paddles with them, use the boat ourselves and put the money in an envelope, as if we had illegally bought grass - so adventurous. While paddling we were free of mask and disinfectant and only met other paddlers from time to time. We enjoyed the freedom, the flow of the river, the sight of trees and grass. That was our first trip since the shutdown - just fantastic.

The delivery of the boat was far more relaxed, a group of paddlers gathered at the exit, there was chat and the return trip was also rather creative.

Canoeing in Corona times

 My conclusion

I strongly believe that in all areas Easing can be carried out at short notice. Even if your wedding is still carried out with corona conditions, it can even bring a certain additional adventure component. There are already more in my shop Bridal jackets and Bridal sweater ordered.

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