Wedding in color: orange, yellow, blue, red ...

Dear future bride,

classic becomes in ivory or married white. This is also the color that is ordered the most. Followed by a few requests for pink, dusky pink or lime green. That also fluctuates from year to year, for a while pink was in demand, then light brown and in between lime green, Light Blue unfortunately very seldom, although there were Anna and Elsa ... I thought it spilled over onto them Bridal world above. At least not with them Bridal jackets. Although that looks very nice; a white or ivory-colored wedding dress combined with a light blue jacket ... 

By the way, this jacket is knitted from mohair, light blue and other colors are also available in baby alpaca silk or cashmere, you can see the color cards on each product. baby alpaca and cashmere is a bit softer and definitely recommended for brides who have a slightly more sensitive skin.

Light blue wrap jacket for getting married Wrap jacket light blue knitted from mohair Anna bridal jacket made of light blue knitted in mohair

For the brides who opt for a "colored" wedding, I now have a few Jackets knitted in stronger colors. There is a wide selection from yellow to light blue:

Angora jacket for weddings in lilac Bridal jacket in lilac knitted from Angora Bridal bolero in orange

At the beginning of my company, I have practically everyone Bridal shops Visited in Hamburg to present my jackets. In a shop I had coffee with the very nice owner and there was a future bride who just tried on a bright red wedding dress ... I was totally fascinated; a pompous one Wedding dress in red does not fail in any way; beautiful.

If you don't want to go to your wedding so daring, a colored jacket might be just the thing ... If you prefer the classic ones Bridal colors know off white and ivory grab, then you will find these bridal jackets here.