Baby alpaca with silk - elegant and soft for your bridal jacket

Bridal jackets off baby alpaca Cuddly soft knitted

Find more Bridal accessories like sweaters, scarves, stoles and shawls, we also knit from soft and skin-friendly Wool.

I am very excited about this beautiful one Wool; in terms of wearing quality, it is like cashmere and one more idea more robust, the cream is lighter and therefore fits in with the very light ones nowadays Wedding dresses. I've even researched what such an alpaca costs. That would be fantastic if I didn't just do that Production in Germany but could also produce the wool by hand.

Maybe this will Vision one day true ...

For the time being, I'm still buying this beautiful wool from outside ...

Alpacas are tame, trusting and also cute. They come from South America and are now also bred in Germany. Along with cashmere and silk, the fiber is considered to be one of the finest natural fibers. I now use them as a mixture cashmere for thicker bolero and solve with it Angora away. The advantage: it is very skin-friendly and there is no lint at all. In addition, the Angora scandal scared me off. I knit this bolero out of it: Soft warmer bolero.

Cashmere jacket knitted for the registry office and the church

For the more delicate models for weddings

... I only use this for warmer temperatures baby alpacathinner bolero. And of course I also ordered this wool in the most beautiful colors, here you can see them Wool in color. Most brides choose the classic ivory or white for their wedding. Ivory suits almost everyone Wedding dresses.

Which color and cut you choose for your bridal bolero, I hope you enjoy choosing and wearing yours Bridal jacket or hers Bridal sweater.