Hand knitted jackets and sweaters for the wedding

Bridal jackets knitted in coarse stitches

I've tried it once and I think it looks pretty good. With a size 15 knitting needle, I have a wide variety of Wool different models knitted. I started with I flauschig a tad thicker mohair. The ends of the arms are a bit narrower and it becomes wider towards the back. It looks nicer, so that the bolero is closer to the arm again. Such another Bolero adapts well and is also ideal for dresses that are cut low in the back.

The coarse knit is a real eye-catcher, here is my first SKY model:

I knitted 2 balls of 50 grams here, it is warm and comfortable to wear. I have about 10 different colors of this mohair, so you can also order this jacket for other occasions and the special thing: it will only be available until Christmas for an entry-level Christmas price. You can the Jacket even give away for Christmas. 

I found it almost straight away hand knitted sweater WATER succeeded. The yarn is super soft here too; a cotton mix. 

The sweater is knitted in two pieces, from bottom to top with increases so that bat sleeves are created. This time the purl stitches adorn the outside. 

Beemohr knits bridal sweaters wide and softFor this Sweater I have a few colors to choose from: ivory, light yellow, pink and red. You can wear it on many occasions. If you click on one of the pictures you get to see all of them for yourself.

Hand knitting models. If you would like to knit yourself, please write me an email, then I can also find the right one Knitting Kit with Knitting instructions and  Wool send. The nice thing about the thick knit stitch - besides the look - is the little time you have for you Bolero thats it! 

SKY you can on an afternoon Knit loosely and it's nice because you can see success so quickly. 

Especially the gray weather and stormy evenings can be spent knitting. You may also have some time to start your own knitting project over the Christmas holidays. I hope to find the time to knit a jacket with glitter thread. A jacket in gold is always in demand. That could look very nice. 

Speaking of the new models, the autumn collection not only includes hand-knitted jackets, there are more Bridal sweater and new bridal jackets, e.g. a bridal jacket knitted in lace. This is the same knit as the Elly bridal sweater, only as Jacket to button and it is a little longer. Some models of the autumn collection are already on their way to the Winter brides and to the Brideswho prepare a little earlier and get married in spring or autumn.