Get married elegantly with bridal jackets and sweaters made of cashmere from Beemohr

Now it's getting noble 

... so far I have the materials kid mohair, baby Alpaca and cashmere offered. This is a wide range, as I have all yarns in stock in up to 10 colors.

The colors white and ivory are usually ordered. That is why I will reduce my color palette and also the number of wool qualities.

Cashmere wool from Filatura DI Crosa

I like kid mohair with silk, for one Wedding would I myself baby alpaca or cashmere give preference. That's why my models will focus on the latter qualities in the future and I'll be that cashmere Further expand the area.

A few days ago we had a heavenly soft one Bridal sweater only from cashmere designed.

Cashmere sweater in white Cashmere sweater for the wedding

This Wedding sweater is slightly transparent and light on the skin. It's a noble one knit sweater, the one wedding dress wonderfully complemented.

This model would also be ideally suited to be used in the Office or Shop to score. I have a selection of colors in cashmere always in stock.

Have fun with her Wedding preparation and rummage wishes you theirs Bee Mohr.