A sunny weekend in the north

Knitting and bathing on weekends

We have another sunny weekend and you can see how I spend it here. I prefer to get up on the weekend between 7 and 8 a.m. 

Then there is Breakfast with my family. Now and then I bake bread rolls myself. In general, I try to avoid bread rolls and eat bread or muesli that I have prepared myself.

Homemade rolls

I also do it on Saturday Orders done and answer customer inquiries. Despite the heat, a lot is ordered.

Sending office work orders for brides

 The post comes every day and picks up the parcel for Brides and Knitters away. Now that my regular Postmann is on vacation, it may not work out, but it usually works well.

DHL picks up parcels for the bride and knitter every day

And today it's going to Pool. Today on 27.07.19/30/XNUMX it is again over XNUMX degrees here near Hamburg. The outdoor pool is almost the only place where the heat can be endured. And we like to swim and relax in the green, play and read.

Heat in Germany: summer 2019 off to the swimming pool

How my day goes on, I'll write tonight or in the late afternoon until then enjoy the sunny day :-)

We enjoyed a few hours in the outdoor pool

We were in the outdoor pool until 18.30 p.m. The prepared food was barely enough, everyone was so hungry for slipping, bathing and swimming. I even came to read. Now there is dinner and then a nice film or documentary.

Cozy evening at home

Good night and dream something nice.