The prominent wedding of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

Young man - mature woman

At the beginning, when there were the first pictures and comments that Heidi and Tom were seen together, I thought; it was a PR gag. Tokio Hotel hadn't been heard from for a while. Heide Klum doesn't really need more PR, but I think there is PR for you - in terms of PR, there are no limits.

She doesn't really need those many Instagram posts about her private life for her career, but she obviously wants to be seen often and a lot.

Heidi and Tom's meetings and messages continued, so it could hardly be a PR gag. They got to know each other at Michael Michalsky's birthday party in 2018. So after only 1 year of knowing you said yes. 

Brave or rash?

Marry Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

First of all, every couple wants it to be forever. I think they both look very much in love.

And a younger man has many advantages:

  1. He has hardly any legacy issues.
  2. He is freer in thoughts and prejudices.
  3. He looks positively into life.
  4. He romps and plays with children like a buddy.
  5. The woman can feel like she is in her 20s again.
  6. A great feeling of freedom comes into life.
  7. Sex plays a big role and doesn't just happen on birthdays and New Years Eve.
  8. He is young and crisp - simply a feast for the eyes.
  9. He is very accommodating and does everything for you because he really appreciates the fact that he is allowed to be with her.
    Young man - older woman
    I don't want to forget to mention that Heidi looks gorgeous and young. At the time, I couldn't exactly understand the choice of her husband, Flavio Briatore, but of course there is more than just looks and age differences.
    The wedding before Capri
    On August 03.08.19rd, 3 the 120 - day wedding started on the magnificent yacht of Onassis with prominent guests such as Joop, Mel B, Hayo and more. A total of XNUMX guests were invited.
    The bride and groom were married by him twin brother - Tokio Hotel front man. At first I thought Heidi was with Bill - they just look so alike and I think it's nice that they spend so much time together. I can't do that so well with my own twin sister, we live 800 km apart.
    Back to the wedding ceremony; I couldn't quite find out whether he was actually authorized to do so. In fact, the two have already been in the hometown of Heidi Klum; Bergisch Gladbach civilly married.
    The fact that Heidi has taken her husband's name "Kaulitz" can only be seen as a great sign Love interpret. Heidi Klum is a trademark, Heidi Kaulitz sounds getting used to, it will not affect her career in any way.
    Getting married on a yacht in front of Capri Heidi klum and tom Kaulitz
    Congratulations and a wonderful marriage
    I wish both and the children a wonderful marriage. I am sure that there will soon be offspring on the road, still possible at 46 years of age.
    Congratulations to Heid Klum and Tom Kaulitz
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