The wedding candle - an old custom

The wedding candle

It is an integral part of every wedding ceremony - the wedding candle. She is the symbol of love. TuesdayThis candle is supposed to spread brightness and warmth when the sun does not want to shine on the couple.

The light of the candle

The light of the candle is perceived as radiant and warming. Just like the love of two people, is perceived as radiant and warming.

Who will get the wedding candle?

In many cases the bride and groom do it themselves. Often the wedding candle is also a gift. According to tradition it is a gift from the godmother of the bride. The mother of the bride will be happy to hand it over. A new lovable trend is emerging, the wedding candle is being handed over by the couple's circle of friends. The friends created their own candle for the bride and groom together.

The joint ignition

The candle is lit together by the bride and groom during mass. It has its permanent place on the altar and burns during the entire celebration. If the couple does not opt ​​for a church wedding, it does not have to the legendary wedding candle will forego. Because it is simply part of a big day like the wedding day. During the free ceremony or the civil wedding, the candle is then lit:

The wedding candle speaks

I saw it, my little flame was there when you put your hands together and gave your heart away.

I am more than just a candle. I am a silent witness in the house of your love and continue to live with you.

Customs around the wedding

You don't need to light me on days when the sun is shining. But when you are beside yourself with joy, when a child is on the way or another beautiful star appears on the horizon of your life, then light me up.

Light me up when it gets dark, when a storm hits your life. When the first argument arises, when you are silently suffering from something, then set me on fire.

Set me on fire when the first step has to be taken, but you don't know how. When a pronunciation is necessary, but you cannot find the words. If you want to hug each other but your arms are paralyzed, light me up.

My little light is a clear sign for you. It speaks its own language that everyone understands. I am your wedding candle. I like you. Let me burn as long as it is necessary, until you can then blow me out cheek to cheek together.

Then I say thankfully: Until next time!