The trends in wedding fashion

The trends in fashion - also in 2019

What was still totally hip last year can stay in the closet the following year and can be declared as "out". So it is with fashion and with them Wedding fashion Of course, it doesn't stay on a stand, but is constantly evolving.

So the trends for this year can be presented
This year the bride transform into a delicate and fragile elf. Elf-delicate dresses that Vintage look reproduce, are the sellers in 2014. These Wedding Dresses are afflicted with a lot of tulle and lace. The cut of the dresses skilfully flatters the figure and the flowing fabric does the rest that the bride looks wonderful in her dress. If you want to call a particularly elegant wedding dress your own, you have to reach for the elegant all-over lace. The bride should be prepared for generous meshes and excessive glitter this year. The simplicity of the clothes is now in the foreground. A simplicity that is wonderfully processed with noble fabrics and is therefore convincing across the board.

Bridal jackets made of soft and cozy wool Cashmere bridal sweater to knit yourself

A fashionable knitted bolero always looks stylish with such a dress and never misses its effect. Knitted boleros harmonize with the This year's bridal fashion especially good.

Playing with transparency
The bride gets to see high-necked cuts when buying clothes. The transparent fabrics on the décolleté and shoulders create subtle effects.

The right accessories make the bridal look perfect
Less is more, this motto comes into play this year. Lush glamor deserved a break in 2014 and is being replaced by smart, but expressive pieces of jewelry.
If the bride just feels comfortable in her special outfit, then she has made one hundred percent the right choice for herself. Have fun browsing!