The bride's smile

This spell is currently at Brides 

... to be felt in a special way. Because a smile means more than just moving the corners of your mouth up. A genuine smile that comes from the heart exudes the utmost bliss.

The bride's smile!

Have you ever admired one of these? It comes wholeheartedly because it comes from deep within. The bride's smile is your important accessory and makes you perfect. Because not the most beautiful wedding dress makes her a princess, but her smile, which is shaped by love, happiness and hope.

Bride on her wedding day The happy bride

We all experience the unique power of smiling day in and day out

Often accidental glances meet in the tram and a friendly smile casts a spell over you. Often it is a child's smile that adorns the little face with the freckles. Sometimes it's the old neighbor's grateful smile. Every now and then it's memories that hold us a smile conjure up on the face.

One smile - many reasons

I experience the magic of a smile every morning when my little daughter looks at me with big eyes and is happy all over her face because the first ray of sun has just woken her up.

Do like the kids and brides:

      • Enjoy every day and smile :-)

The bridal morning: put on styling and wedding dress

Photos: Featured styledshoot in @hochzeitsguide with the jacket Kim with hoody purple_heart: Concept & Planning: @hairandmakeup_daniela & @deryavoelzke
Models: @anjaiks @alinebssr @chiarafeus