The time for bridal masses is NOW

Wedding fair - we'll be there :-)

Various exhibition centers in many cities are now decorated in a very romantic way and with great attention to detail.

Everything then turns around the most important day in life. Your own wedding. The real eye-catchers for lovers are of course Bridal fashion show, which Decorations and  many interesting shows. The modern bride of today expects new trends. What is very popular again, the wedding dress is short at the front and long at the back. If you prefer it classic, the princess dress will never lose its special charm. The big, beautiful, pompous dress is coming nie out of fashion.


The wedding dress

Wedding fair in Buxtehude with Bee Mohr on 30.09.18/XNUMX/XNUMX

You can try on bridal jackets and sweaters from Beemohr at this fair. We bring some samples of our wool with us, you can touch them and see the wide range of colors. 

We have all standard sizes with us and you are welcome to try them on. It is best to bring a sample of your wedding dress with you, then you can choose the color for your bridal jacket.

Wedding fair with bridal jackets from Beemohr

Photos: Expression Photos, dress: Lana Berendt wedding workshop, Visa: Isabell Clasen

The groom in a new look

The groom's outfit can be chosen a little crazier, because it doesn't always have to be a classic suit. the Kilts are very trendy. And with such a skirt, the groom can simply draw everyone's attention.

Nicht nur die Bridal fashion follows a trend. There is also new and old familiar with cakes. The new trend in cakes are cakes placed one on top of the other. But the tried and tested cakes in the lovely staircase style are still popular with people. Such cakes cannot be suppressed.

Wedding shows are hot like never before

Especially at Weddings wants the bride and groom many highlights share with guests. Special wedding shows provide even more entertainment and excitement. One Pyrotechnics show is just always well received.
Every bridal couple has their own idea when it comes to the most beautiful day of their lives. According to many Impressions there is sure to be something for everyone. A visit to the bridal mass is certainly an experience in itself that is crowned with success.