This autumn is going to be cuddly

This autumn is going to be cuddly

Feel good in a knitted dress, that is the motto of this autumn. Warm colors play a decisive role here. Dresses are popular in every season, especially as they underline the feminine side of their wearer and successfully show the silhouette. But stand this fall Knitted dresses at the center of the fashion world.

Start the autumn fashion-consciously with knitted dresses

Especially this fall Knitted dresses full in. The length of the dresses is different. The shape of autumn clothes lies between a long sweater and a dress. They are worn with slim trousers, warm leggings or thick stockings. What is crucial is that different knit optics. It is an important fashion topic and ensures a certain casualness in the outfit.


Knit dress in white and ivory with hearts for brides  Bride knitted dress with bolero jacket

Which colors are popular today?

A warm brown and an earthy green make this autumn shine. Many different shades of blue mix up the wardrobe. From casual denim blue to subtle ice blue, there is everything. Intense orange and dark wine red set the tone. A powdery rose shade blends in as a contrast.

On black and Ivory will not be waived this year either. And if that's still not enough for you, you might choose one of the many Beige tones for his knitted dress File

Ivory dress knitted from baby alpaca Knit dress in cream baby alpaca for brides Knitted dress for the wedding in pink