Bridal shoot 2022 Making OF

Impressions of our bridal shoot 

The second shoot this year took place in Buchholz in the Nordheide with the photographer Andreas Schmitt in the brand new studio. I have one a few days before that Poncho knitted for the leisure line. In addition to the poncho, we had knitted around 40 models that I had with me. 

Not only Bridal jackets and sweaters were there, this time some too knit sweater for the freetime. Andreas is just new to being Photo Studio moved in. With the different backgrounds we were able to take beautiful, varied photos. Ksenia, the model was super well prepared and well rested, she even had some accessories with her. A friend of mine did the makeup and I think it was perfect for the "bride". 

Andreas has put together a video with the most beautiful excerpts:

Video Making OF


Photographer: @andreas_schmitt_photographie Makeup Artist: ae cosmetics: Model: @ksn_ksenia Styling Artist: @ beemohr.knitting

Fashion photo impessions

Cozy jacket warm and pleasant to the skin for the wedding Easy bridal loop for the summer Knit bolero for the wedding in powder knitted Bridal bolero Snowflake falling wide for the bridal skirt Loose-fitting bridal bolero hand-knitted by Beemohr Bridal bolero with ivory decorative pattern Knit couture for brides by Beemohr Hand-knitted bridal bolero with short sleeves in whiteStirgestilted for weddings Cuddly bolero for the wedding in light gray