Getting married in Winter high on top of romantic snowy mountains

A bride in the snow

All in white and then on snow - covered mountains - a Bride all over in white - what a beautiful idea. The best way to book a beautiful wooden little house or book in a hotel; with enough rooms to celebrate the wedding.

Hochzeitsfeier in den Bergen im Winter

Skiing and snowboarding in the mountains

And maybe the future bride and groom can still enjoy some ski runs before their wedding. Only they should be careful to use as light slopes as possible, so that the wedding can take place without blemishes. And with apres ski, one beer would probably be far enough :-)

Skifahren bei der hochzeit in den Bergen

Benefits of a winter wedding

If you like the winter, that's definitely an advantage. Or as with me, I met my husband while skiing. Since we are from the north in Germany without high mountains and ski resorts, we did not celebrate a wedding in the mountains, because the guests might have felt the way too far. Still we named all tables for ski resorts in Austria and our wedding cake was a recreational ski mountain with a skier - my husband and a snowboarder - me.

And here are the other benefits when getting married in Winter:

  1. Dates for location and registry office are easy to find.
  2. The prices could be a bit more moderate.
  3. Wedding guests are usually not on vacation.
  4. You do not expect sunshine to party outside in the park, the location is cozy warm with romantic lighting, candles and torches.
  5. With snow and the right lighting, the photos become fantastic.

The right outfit for the winter wedding

Even in winter, you do not have to get cold. With a warm knit bolero, wrap or cozy bridal pullover you will not feel cold at all.

Cozy jacket in white for brides Brautjacke gestrickt kuschelig weich und warm für Herbst und Winter Bräute Fluffy comfy loose wedding coverup from beemohr Knit cardigan in rose with tulle dress from beemohr

With these models you will not freeze at your wedding. I wish you a lot of joy during your winter wedding.


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