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Artikel: How to find a prince for your wedding?

Find your future husband

How to find a prince for your wedding?

Prince wanted to marry

Nobody can answer this question better than Sofia Hellqvist.

Because she has a prince gone on the net, a good-looking and sympathetic on top of it. You know who is talking about? Of course, Prince Carl Philip. The scion of Carl Gustav and Silvia.

He stopped for the hand of his longtime partner Sofia Hellqvist. He has asked the questions of all questions and got (how could it be otherwise) a clear yes to the answer.

That is how it is rumored. And since all women leave for royal weddings, we naturally want to believe the rumor.

Getting married like a princess

Marry like prince and princess

Let us remember this dream wedding ...

How beautiful it was when Crown Princess Victoria took her Daniel Westling on June 19, 2010 in the Stockholm Nikolaikirche man.
How were all on our screens and were happy for the young couple.

But the wedding, by the Swedish Princess Madeleine with the US banker Chris O'Neill was a highlight, That made our minds sit up.

Prince Carl Philip and his Sofia

We look forward to having you close the knot.
Because if the engagement is already pronounced, a wedding will certainly not be long in coming.
We are excited and waiting for the things that will come.
Sweden will cheer and everyone who likes to participate in noble weddings will be part of it.

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