Wedding checklist for lovers

Your own wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life

But in order to live up to this claim, you need a lot of love in the preparation - especially attention to detail. Unfortunately, despite all the dreaminess high above the clouds, the bride and groom cannot avoid that. So that this also runs like clockwork, here is the ultimate checklist for head-over-head lovers.

Wedding preparation with the checklist

No later than 6 months before the wedding:

  1. Type of wedding: In the registry office or in the church?
  2. Wedding motto: In the country or in the city? Outside vs. inside, traditional vs. modern, family vs. big celebration
  3. Determine and book the location: party hall, country house, church rooms, etc.
  4. Cost planning: set a budget
  5. Make an appointment and reserve in the registry office

No later than four months before the wedding

  1. Choose groomsmen: listen to your heart, who do I trust most, who do I most like to spend time with?
  2. Create guest list: Really only invite the people you want to see on your big day, because it's YOUR day!
  3. Obtain information on naming rights and marriage contracts: Will the name be adopted or is there a double name?
  4. Determine the course of the wedding ceremony and discuss it with the pastor
  5. Book a honeymoon: It's best to find a relaxing place, no stressful city trips

No later than three months before the wedding

  1. Design and send wedding invitations: save-the-date cards can be individually designed online, for example with romantic photos of the bride and groom or love symbols
  2. About the wedding dress, hairstyle and Bridal accessories Kummer
  3. Maybe take a dance class so as not to screw up the wedding dance
  4. Create a gift wish list: Different price ranges so that guests don't feel compelled
  5. Get wedding rings
  6. Obtain a groom's suit
  7. Reserve a wedding car or horse-drawn carriage
  8. Try out wedding menus and have menu cards printed
  9. Pick a photographer and discuss the process

No later than two months before the wedding

  1. Create music program: Different mood music for the individual sections of the Wedding anniversary
  2. Put together registry office outfits
  3. Choosing decoration details: Which flowers should be on the tables? What should the tablecloths look like? Should there be a stage? How is it decorated? Which colors should dominate in the wedding hall?
  4. Organize other desired program items: chocolate fountain, fireworks, dance program, etc.
  5. Bridal bouquet order

One month before the wedding at the latest

  1. Determine the final seating arrangement
  2. Go through the wedding process several times (in your head and on site!)
  3. Try and order wedding cakes
  4. Organize accommodation for guests
  5. Planning a hen party

No later than two weeks before the wedding

  1. General probe
  2. Check that you have all the necessary documents
  3. Packing your suitcase for your honeymoon
  4. Post a marriage announcement
  5. Break in the bridal shoes well so that there are no unpleasant surprises on the wedding day

Last minute

  • Off to the hairdresser and the nail salon
  • Sleep in well and relax, otherwise you won't be able to really enjoy this meticulously planned day

The silver rule in wedding preparation: Try a lot! This is the only way you can be sure that the wedding is exactly what you dream of. And the Golden Rule: Don't forget to enjoy!