The wedding planning - three quarters of a year to six months in advance

The wedding preparation is exciting

... is fun and can also be exhausting. It's good to have some help; from a friend, mother, sister or future mother-in-law or you treat yourself to a wedding planner.

There are still 9 months left, actually a lot of time, but that can also pass quickly.

Some Brides still want something weight loseFor example, from a size 40 to a size 38 or 36 to look fantastic in a wedding dress, of which photos will be hanging all over your house.

It says:

Lose weight without sweetsSports for the wedding dress

A crunchy sports program and unfortunately no or a few sweets :-(

Hard, but it's for a good cause. From my own experience, I can give you some effective tips here:

  1. Download the Freelatics Lower the app - costs a few EUR, but you can cancel it again when you have achieved your goal and internalized the exercises.
    It's tough but effective. Unfortunately, jogging is not enough.
  2. In addition - depending on the problem areas - there are also useful free apps for taking off: e.g. especially for the stomach.
  3. Or in freestyle: jog about 5 km to warm up, then alternately do 3 x 12 push-ups and 2 x 50 squats, as far back as possible, otherwise there will be back pain.

And when you have managed all of this, there are also the following tasks to be solved:

  • The guest list create.
  • Save the date cards are on their way to make the great festival of love official.
  • The Groomsmen are asked if they would like to take on this honorable position.
  • On to Wedding dress purchase is the name of the future bride.
  • And do not forget about the suit for the future groom.
  • A personal invitation text is created.
  • The Invitation cards for the wedding are chosen with a lot of love.
  • If the text and card are coordinated, they will be sent to all guests.
  • Are the Musician already selected? It is high time for it.
  • The Procedure of the wedding is determined. Which shows are offered? Are there various highlights, such as a glowing fireworks display at midnight?
  • It will be one Wedding table then it can already be put together now.