Wedding customs: bride dance

Bride dance

When bride and groom dare to dance, only then is it Wedding party officially opened. That's why it is Bride dance another important highlight at every wedding. And the hearts dance along, completely in love with the waltz, because the Danube and also the Kaiserwalzer are still popular bridal waltz.

A great symbolism that is behind the bride dance

Only the bride dance indicates in a romantic way that 2 people have now become "one". Like the ring on your finger, it symbolizes Bride dance the bond with each other and the union forever.

Bride dance at their wedding

One bride dance - many possibilities

Sleeve newlyweds like it traditional, they say to themselves, a wedding celebration without a waltz would not be a wedding celebration. Many couples want to bring swing and movement into the celebration and try rumba, salsa or cha-cha-cha. Others, on the other hand, want to give the bride dance a personal touch and study their own choreography a. Who thinks, oh oh, my dancing skills leave a lot to be desired. Not bad at all! A dance class helps. But strolling in love while listening to the couple's favorite music is also nice to watch.