400.000 brides wear bolero from beemohr

Imagine that! 

That would be terrific, although I would need a lot more knitters for that. However, that would be a downstream hurdle.

-> 400.000 is approx. the number of marriages in 2015, thus exceeding the previous year. However, we cannot reach the number of marriages in the post-war period for a long time. In the 50s there were around 800.000 weddings! I'm curious how many newlyweds gave each other the yes word in 2017.

Here are a selection of celebrity couples who got married in 2017:

Victoria Swarowski and Werner Mürz ... in May 2017, the 23-year-old and said YES, in the town hall of Kitzbühel. Her wedding dress was studded with 500.000 crystals. 

Hereditary Prince Ferdinand and Viktoria Luise ... in the princely abbey church of Bavaria Ferdinand zu Leiningen and Viktoria Louise Princess of Prussia said yes.

Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi ... got married on June 30th. They celebrated with 260 guests in his Argentine hometown of Rosario.

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara ... got married after 2 years of partnership, Kate, known from "Hous of Cards" and Jamie from "Billy Elliot".

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich ... the actress and the ice hockey player celebrated their romantic wedding on July 08th, 2017.

Dean Geyer and Jilian Murray ... the "CodeBlack" actress and the "Glee" actor got married on 14.09.2017 in a smaller circle and have been a couple for 7 years.

Vanessa mae married her manager Andreas Ferber.

All brides marry with a Beemohr knitted bolero

The most beloved Marriage months are May and August. I noticed that when we were planning our wedding. In September it's easier to find dates and the weather is still pretty nice. I picked up a pencil and a piece of paper and worked out how many brides have one Bridal bolero from Beemohr have worn. Clearly far too few. There is one warming jacket appropriate for almost every season, at least more and more. This summer was the best example. I hope not too many Brides with her runny nose honeymoon have spent.

So that this doesn't happen knit we continue diligently, the next Photo Shoot will take place in October. There are beautiful models, warm and lighter jackets and sweaters for weddings. For the sweater I use fluffy yarn, for the jackets I use baby alpaca with silk and cashmere.

cashmere will be happy for Weddings ordered, it fits wonderfully on such a unique occasion. It is soft and comfortable on the skin. Baby alpaca is also comfortable to wear and is a bit more robust than cashmere, the ivory color is perfect for almost everyone Bridal skirts and wedding dresses in off-white or ivory.

Even as a guest, you can pick up the needles and pick one in the matching color of your dress cardigan knit. Lightly knitted jackets made of fine yarns harmonize wonderfully with festive dresses.

♥♥♥ Get married like a queen with Beemohr ♥♥♥