Marry the second time! - Bridal jacket and bridal bolero for your wedding dress

A while ago I was at a romantic wedding

... in a cute little town with half-timbered houses: Jesteburg, the registry office was on the 2nd floor in a building from the 18th century - a dream. And only 15 people fit in. We weren't much more than that. The registrar told

the story of the bride and groom:

- 18 years ago you got married on the exact same day. And no, they didn't just want to say yes again, as some couples do. They were actually divorced in between and had other partners. I was at the wedding with the groom's best friend and I knew the story from his point of view. I'll have them later bride asked; they had new partners, but that wasn't the real thing, then at some point you met again by chance and from then on it was clear that you belonged together. After a short time, the future bride moved back in with her former husband :-)

For some, an excursion is ...

to get to know others a good way to see what you really had. In my opinion, going back rarely works. With both of them, I think we'll work out wonderfully, they just look great glücklich and seem to belong together.

The wedding celebration was a 1. wedding party In no way, the bride and groom had set up a white tent in the countryside with giant balloons, a buffet and a campfire for later. So idyllic and romantic. There was a lot of dancing, gathering around the campfire and eating and drinking - a beautiful wedding to remember again and again. the bride Incidentally, wore a cream-colored suit and the groom a classic blue suit.

The 2nd wedding - the great happiness

That is always the question: "What do I wear for my second wedding". All in white, many find too much, or most of them already have a classic one white dress got married. And who would want to do the same thing again. Usually it is a nice shift dress or a trouser suit. Personally, I would prefer a dress for this occasion. The nice thing is that you can choose a completely different color here, of course you can also get married a second, third or fourth time in white - just as you wish.

The ceremony is often smaller; many "only" marry in small groups and go out to eat in a classy way. Others fly to the Caribbean for two to marry evenings romantic honeymoon and the family is only informed afterwards.

At the first wedding, everything is usually there: carriage, limousine, church, registry office, champagne reception, photographer, celebration in a noble restaurant and all in princess dress. At the second wedding the celebration is often smaller; Registry office, a relaxed location with finger food and a great DJ. 

The romantic second wedding ♥♥♥♥