Colorful clouds, long, bright evenings and storms invite you to knit

Sometimes sun, sometimes rain - perfect to start knitting 

I also started again with that Hand knitting, meanwhile I have 2 super thick scarves made of colored Ushuaia Wool. Such a scarf is ready in a few hours. It's a super nice one too Gift, you can think of Christmas from time to time. I have now got used to having a gift box ready.

So I always have something there ... for the tooth fairy or for birthdays or CHRISTMAS, that always comes as a surprise :-) So that you know which one Knitting project You best start, I have some gorgeous Knitting instructions Compiled for you for FREE:

Free - Instructions - the perfect stay-at-home weather for KNIT. Get started now!

Knit a thick sweater with Ingenua wool in just a few hours


You will find the right wool here. Get started now and knit gifts for Christmas. Scarves and cuffs can be knitted quickly, as are home accessories: you can crochet pillows, covers, cords, even waste paper baskets or storage boxes. Go ahead and KNIT! 

Should you go to the happy women who are getting married in 2018, then their knitting project could be one Bridal bolero be. I also have a lot of instructions for this, including the right wool for you "Wool for queens".

Take your time. It is important to start with a gauge so that you can see whether it matches the gauge in the knitting pattern. Otherwise your jacket could get too big or too small. The medium model Jacky knits quickly, as the wool is a little thicker and the fleece covers small flaws. 

The Elly bridal sweater is more demanding, the lace pattern is worked over several rows, concentration is required here, at least for the beginning, later it will work by itself. You can also replace the pattern with a stockinette stitch, but please come to the stitch sample, otherwise you have to convert and you want to avoid that. Speaking of which, I knit Elly in stocking stitch too. From April 2018 it will be "Smilla" - den Bridal sweater with valid knitting pattern. 

Do-it-yourself bridal sweater, knit kitI wish you a fantastic autumn time with creative and relaxing activities, Sabine Mohr.

YES ... I had a creative time and gradually designed more new models. That’s why we’re going to be another one at the end of October Bride shoot organize where the new models will be photographed. The photographer is Derya von Derya Völzke Photography.  I am very curious, because this photo shoot goes completely different ways. Everyone is there except me. I am very confident that this will work :-)